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Fuzzy lips. ♥
Vanja sunbathing
It's entitled, "Dog Freedom."  (I took the pic this morning, on the way back from a kid-shuttling excursion.)Hope everyone (human and animal) is enjoying the Fourth! (Even if you're not in America!) Happy freedom! Be safe!
Daily Glamorous
Three things worse than Monday, by Jon Farleigh: 1) Being 12 inches tall 2) Having no thumbs, and 3) A closed pantry door.   I'm not even kidding. It's totally the pantry door (the little stinker). Captions, anyone?! | via Facebook
Were you just watching me sleep? Cause I could sense you were watching me sleep.
Heeey, whatcha doing back there, man?! Dewi: Shut up, I'm concentrating.(oops)☺
Chronicles of Cardigan — I said something to Jon Farleigh moments before... | via Tumblr
OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder : Photo
*Dies of laughter*
The Chronicles of Cardigan: Tacky Cardigan With Words on It: In a Parallel Universe...
. | via Tumblr
2 corgis in a pink barbie cadillac!  | via Tumblr
Happy happy!
Baby (5 mos.) Dewi with giant ears! :)
Because it's Monday, I thought I'd reveal Dewi's dead beetle imitation. (Why do beetles always die upside down? Isn't that weird??)
Cute corgi puppy, dogshaming
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