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My handsome snorkel boy/WWII flying ace/Old Spice spokes model
Chronicles of Cardigan - Jon Farleigh | via Facebook
Looking at happy corgis spreads happiness. Monday needs to be spread with happiness...and maybe peanut butter. ☺
WELSH DOGS art print dog breeds from Wales by doggiedrawings
CORGIS Pembrokes and Cardigans art print by doggiedrawings on Etsy (Lili Chen)
This boy ♡
Big ears are the wings of dog 🐶😋
The water-dog
The Little fox-dog
Little corgi
True model
It's still Thursday, right? Well, in that case, how about I throwback to some baby, 13-wk-old Jon Farleigh belly!  This was taken just a few hours after he became a permanent family member. Such a precious little piggie!Sweet dreams, y'all.
I feel like I'm being mocked...