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just simple. But his face is what's hot XD
At least ..
Lovely birthday Liam♥
Happy 22nd B-Day!!
michael jackson | Tumblr
22 years ago, another hero was born. Liam James Payne, our little warrior who before just wanted a reason to smile, with a huge heart, a kindness admirable and astonishing beauty, now he eventually found four and millions and millions, our little warrior,
Omg :`(
Liam Payne Birthday. August 29th
Chronik-Fotos - Embrace The Madness | via Facebook
Hannibalism - Chronik-Fotos | via Facebook
Hannibal - Chronik-Fotos | via Facebook
It's just a spark but it's enough to keep me going...And when it's dark And no one's around it keeps going.
Ariana Grande....