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Las palabras de fa - Marca de Agua
Fa Orozco. Booktuber
(*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*) please don't take watermark off + steal :) I spent sooo long taking off the titles from the magazine in this picture I'll appreciate if u wouldn't take the watermark off thanks ily x
@omqsurfxox on We Heart It 🍍💕29/04/2015
my baby 👼🏼🍥
This is my official logo for this account! Want one? Send me a postcard for more details!
My edit! (:
Watermark on fleek thooo 😍👏 I hope you guys like the pastel theme so far 🍥
Apple art 😍
My drawing
Cool easy DIY shirt 👚👗🎽
My drawing of prudence rain
My drawing
Don't believe you..
Mah edit give credit and follow😛😛😛😛 I find that emoji very unsettling.........
I was o a phototrip :))