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Image - Peyton Riley 004.png - DC Comics Database
Bing Crosby says merry Christmas to ya.
Man... Ventriloquist dummies can be so cocky!
Ventriloquist dummies can think by themselves and talk to your child…
Hot ventriloquist Nina Conti. She's soo funny!
They say this shirt buy 1991 inc. is creepy... Well I think it's sooo cool
The ventriloquist dummies will always help you with a lousy advice. And they will be proud of doing it…
Those side kicks got to learn how to behave...
30 Diy Halloween Costume Ideas
Ventriloquist doll
Word of wisdom from a cool ventriloquist dummy :0)
Yes, you did Stevie.
OK. some famous ventriloquist dummies are creeping me out! :0P
Ventriloquist doll
Professional dummies have emotion too... follow us!
Halloween 2014
I was a ventriloquist dummy this year.