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Ventriloquist doll
Yeah that lady dummy looks like she’s mad because I cheated on her.... Brr! | via Tumblr
All the famous ventriloquist dummy family! Follow sickdummies.com on weheartit
This vintage blue eyes dude can freak people out! Follow sickdummies.com on We hear it!
Would you love to have a ventriloquist dummy like that? From http://oderlan.tumblr.com/
“I see… so it’s like… that… is it? (From “Caesar and Me”) Yeah, that’s how I learn how my parents made me... Brrr...    From http://twilightpwn.tumblr.com/image/112802993940
Sometimes, ventriloquist dummy can be cuter than human... | via Tumblr
In what kind of sexy dancing show in Las Vegas those ventriloquist dummies are? #ventriloquist dummies | Tumblr
Looks like aristocrats have their own ventriloquist dummies. Cool!
Is my favorite villain dead? What Happened to the dummy?
yeah... I know people woh talk that much...by standingattheedge.tumblr.com
I think those two guys got into a fight in a club. Who said that a ventriloquist dummy will never watch your back? Who, bro?
Mortimer Snerd is really sure of himself!
This doll better stay dead. I will not put my hand inside of it to make it alive again, that for sure...:0) Follow sickdummies!
First question of the serie: Kids ask dummies
How said that a ventriloquist dummy can’t hit a bluegrass song like just any country boys?  Who?
This is a creepy family reunion. I wanna be part of it!
Beautiful art. What do you find the most fascinating with that picture?