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If that's a comic, I want to read it now!
Play and listen music.
Cutest ventriloquist in the world.
I would prefer to see myself as a ventriloquist dummy. But, hey, that’s me MJ.
Even Helen has her own dummy. Go for it in sickdummies
Man, that ventriloquist dummy got into a fight in  the club! Sickdummies prone family values so do not approve that kind of behavior... (But it’s Ok if you buy me a whisky shooter at the bar).
Hollywood goes for it. Now you too can have your own ventriloquist dummy for yourself or for your child.
Why Not? In fact, that's a good idea those guys add. Marley Shelton as the DC comic's ventriloquist... Think Batman would fall in love? Hum.  ;0)
How to look like a steam punk ventriloquist. I guess...  I admit it. I do not have all you need to create your own style here at Sickdummies. But I do have the cool dummy you want... Go for it.
Women! Is that what you mean when you say: “All men are dummies”?
really? Gotham is looking for a real ventriloquist? Gotta learn how to be a bad ass right now!
Even Alf loves ventriloquist dummies
Attention! To all men and women skilled with their hands.
Image - Peyton Riley 004.png - DC Comics Database
Bing Crosby says merry Christmas to ya.
Man... Ventriloquist dummies can be so cocky!
Ventriloquist dummies can think by themselves and talk to your child…
Hot ventriloquist Nina Conti. She's soo funny!