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Who? When?
x Kiss me Hard befor you go x
This could be us
My NIGGA Texts - My NIGGA Texts har lagt til et nytt bilde. | via Facebook
We looked at each other a little too long to be "just friends".
Funny tumblr
why does the youth in this generation keep getting sadder & more mentally unstable every single day? screw the older generation for helping screw some of us up & the bullies & haters & everyone who caused us to feel despair.
I miss you Jelena. 💙
Cute couple.
That's me right there ❤️
Foreignshopper also offers Mail forwarding service. Although the world is doing its best to move towards a paperless office; it seems as if it will take some time. There are millions of physical mails being sent all across the world. People are constantly
Hahhahahah lol 😂😂