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Nothings Haunts Us like the Things We Don't Say.
Beautiful quote.  the beauty of things when they're not explained.
Some things are better left unsaid
(105) Although I've told some of my friends about my shitty life, no one will ever know everything I've been hiding. No one will EVER know all my secrets. | Pinterest
(105) I find it crazy how much ppl lie on social media... Oh I love u your the best bffs for life.... Omg that girl is a train wreck... Yea remember … | Pinterest
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Another great pic of Jackie!
Early morning munchies. MRH with USF! Photo credits to Tom Schmitz the keyboardist of Mushroomhead!!! :)
Jackie & her bro Mike at Canobie Lake Park NH. She's  still wearing the white Sailors Knot bracelet that hubs & I gave her before the 8/15 NH show! She's so awesome!