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So true.Well atleast I tried.
Soapstone Jewelry Box with Stone Inlay Work and Floral Designs on the Sides, Top - Jewelry Boxes
Crochet flower wall art on burlap canvas home by EvelynAndPeter
"Faces Of The Rainbow"
My painting for my bff♥
A Requiem for Self-destruction by theflickerees on deviantART
Beautiful mandala Necklace  Blue Mandala by ValerieArts2014
Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known
Octopus Mosaic Unique Art case for iPhone 4/4s iPhone by fieahcase
 >< Art by ~Rebecca Tecla. ><
 >< Art by ~ Andres Calamaro ><
 >< Art by ~ Rebecca Tecla ><
Just A Brick in the Wall~
Starry Night, Squirrel Photo Bomb, Art Print, Unique Art
I like different, Quote Art Print,