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«Sometimes you miss the moments not the people»
💙| Sweet_girl |💙
💙| More love_less hate |💙
Play, laugh, dream, and enjoy every moment of your life 💗
Soo cute 💖 | Pixiv
💙_Hatsune Miku_💙 | °SMILE!° ;)
' Lovely ' | soo cute x3
💙_Hatsune Miku_💙
Hisui Alice | pixiv
Find happiness in your life. 💗
To be happy you must be your own sunshine. 💙
I will become your guardian angel. 💕
💖 Use your smile to change the world. Do not let the world change your smile. 💖
💞 Life is beautiful, if one lives. 💞
💜 A smile is the best accessory a girl can wear. 💜