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Time | via Tumblr
Let this serve as your first and only warning | via Tumblr
This touched me so deep
This touched me so deep
Couldn't have been said any better | via Tumblr
I'm on my way 🌳
Hang in there | via Tumblr
Otherwise you will never truly conquer the world | via Tumblr
Want some perfume? | via Tumblr
Don't touch that chicken either way! | via Tumblr
This is the biggest truth 😞 #Ilovemymom
Any guy who says this is a winner for sure! | via Tumblr
Hopefully we don't have to say goodbye | via Tumblr
Throwback much
There isn't a shortcut to losing someone | via Tumblr
Because negative isn't very good | via Tumblr
What feels like the end is usually just the very beginning | via Tumblr