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SPOILER: shout "out"
MIMIDEBLASIO 💥👈👏   | via Tumblr
Pasta trick
DIY- follow @BEAUTY.POWER on Instagram<3
Beauty tip, nail polish removal
Beauty tip, applying lipstick
WhatsApp zaubertrick
How to contour👃
Pony tail
Rhea and Cronus - Rhea was unimpressed with Cronus' behaviour towards their children. He ate every single one of them in fear that they would one day try to overthrow him. Rhea had baby Zeus and this time decided that she would protect him from being eate
FunSubstance - It's so fun, I can't even
When you want to sleep in class
himitsu ~kuro no chikai~ (vocaloid) kagamine len kagamine rin len append rin append story of evil (vocaloid) vocaloid | konachan.com - Konachan.com Anime Wallpapers
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