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Wistmans Wood in the ancient high-level woodlands of Dartmoor in Devon, south west England, is one of three remote copses of stunted oaks. The name… | Pinterest
by Daniel Rivas | Treasure Trees! | Pinterest
SCENARI X PRESEPE - ISRAELE YEHUDA EDRI (sfondo,arco,rocce,flora e colori) | Treasure Trees! | Pinterest
Tree Saving Sculpture: This old horse chestnut tree was falling down and the town council decided to fell it. But the people of Bideford, Devon, UK… | Pinterest
My own photography. Some people say photography is the art of perfection. I say it's the art of the hand, mind, soul and nature itself.
This is my own photography, sure it's not perfect but what is perfect? Does it even exist?
Quarto criativo
Casa na árvore
Reaching Tree Roots Photography Crawling Out by lostkatphotography
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