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Nose Ring Stud Sterling Silver 2mm Ball 20 by BirchBarkDesign
Lucky Horseshoe Nose Stud Solid Sterling Silver by BirchBarkDesign
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Feather earring
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The urge to get an industrial piercing is fucking reaaaal
Ear piercings
Ear piercings
Fake tragus piercings, pretty little soarkle on your ear. Wear cuffs on front and anti-helix. See the shop for more fake piercings. Www.QuartzNKarats.Etsy.Com
Red tragus and nose fake piercings. One looks like tragus piercing. One looks like the septum ring. They both require no piercing, no pain, no scars, no infection. Try them out. Www.quartznkarats.etsy.com
Want to try a pierced look without the pain and scars? Want to wear piercings after work or after school? Checkout our veginner set. Www.quartznkarats.etsy.com
Tragus piercing
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