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TZP: Zelda Resting in the Garden by Adella on deviantART
TZP: Hyrule Castle Garden by Adella on deviantART
TZP: Princess Zelda by Adella on deviantART
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flandre scarlet (the legend of zelda and touhou) drawn by yunuki uta - Danbooru
TZP: Link Malon Epona and Cuccos by *Adella on deviantART
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The Zelda Project: Saria by *Adella
The Zelda Project: Waiting by *Adella
TZP: Saria by *Adella
TZP: Listen to the Trees by *Adella
TZP: Hide and Seek by *Adella
TZP: Saria The Sage of Forest by *Adella
TZP: The Lost Woods by *Adella on deviantART