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يوم الجمعة
Her name  is Mathilde. Mathilde is my sister :) ‹3
ask allez voire
9GAG - Why So Serious?
Karaoke and Budwiser 🌝
Everyone Should Have A Manager Like This One
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Look At This Site
Discover Your Business in a New Way with Responsive Web Design |  http://goo.gl/njY2Rd
Business Consulting Agency (BCA) Website | Illumination Consulting
E non c'è niente da capire, è una semplice esigenza, forse la risposta è tutta qui
وأفنية الملوك محجبات ... وباب الله مبذول الفناءفما أرجو سواه لكشف ضري ... ولا أفزع إلى غير الدعاءولا أدعو إلى اللإواء كهفاً ... سوى من لا يصم عن الدعاء
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