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Någon som fallit och sen reser sig, är mycket starkare än någon som aldrig fallit. 💫
The Story of Us | via Tumblr
yaluna | via Tumblr
Red gem of the sea.
Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving
Michael Lipsey | via Tumblr
Chunky. 💕
pink | Tumblr
Travel textography by NJZ
Coachella 2015 - textography by NJZ
Coachella 🙌 textography by NJZ
Buy your handmade African fabric fashion online : www.akwan2fofashion.com • worldwide shipping
Travel Textography by NJZ. Accra, ghana.
Travel Textography by NJZ. Zanzibar, Tanzania
Do more of what makes you happy. 💖