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got kicked out from class. 😒🔫 bored asf rn lmao
lmfaoooo, done. 😂😂😂
baee. 😍♥️😘☺️👌
I remember when my ex Chris told me this...
next saturday bestfriend gonna buy me starbucks😁👌♥️
What i want to tell people, when i tell someone exactly how I feel..
091013. ♥️
so we made up ☺️😘♥️
He left. Just like he did 3 months ago
waking up to this is pretty great. 🙊💕 bestfriend♥️
he knows exactly how i feel now..
Anyone else? 😏👌
Who can relate?
pretty much sums it up
You're already there | via Tumblr
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