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Justin Bieber
Team Bieber: Night swim! 🌑🌊 (via Shots)
Team Bieber:📱🃏🎲🎰
Team Bieber: 💪
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Team Bieber: Ready? 😏
Team Bieber: Wow 😳 #comingsoon http://www.hero-magazine.com/article/39217/
Alfredo en instagram💞
Justin and jazzy at Disney parks
Justin and jazzy in disneyland
I always in love with this team
Justin Bieber and his crew
Team Bieber: When the weekend is over…(ps that muscle flex 💪)
Team Bieber: Did you like the #WhereAreÜNow performance? We have a surprise for you tomorrow… 📷 by Rory Kramer
Ducks Ducks Ducks Cuack Cuack Cuack ZOOOOOOM!