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Bae, when we gone get serious? 😁😣✌️
Pll christmas
My baby 😘
Rob Lotterstein on Twitter: "#BestTVFamily! #KCundercover @Zendaya #disneychannel #behindthescenes"
Zendaya at Kamil's 18th birthday dinner (September 12th)
Nirvana ★
KC Undercover - Season 1, Episode 6 - "Off The Grid"
Hold me down & I'll hold us together
Tammy & Waka
Tammy De Fox
Love and Hip-hop  Atlanta
#waka #wakaflocka #wakaflockaflame #tammy #tammyrivera
Glam Heaven ♛ | via Tumblr
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Glam Heaven ♛ | via Tumblr
Untitled | via Tumblr