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I_Miss_You Why?.. Won't_Let_You_Go Darlin.. and I_Remember_All_Those..loving..Things_You_Said.. What_I'd_Do_To_Have_You Near Near Near..Sweet<3 ..I_Wish_You_Were_Here..Darlin | via Facebook
Call her simplier: Sweet<3 | via Facebook
Omg, Darlin, You're so sweety, just a Princess Goldilocks named Sweet<3 | via Facebook
You're charm My #Darlin Sweet<3 | via Facebook
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I_Love_You Darlin.. or better I <3 You Sweet<3 | via Facebook
Call her simply~ Darlin, or Sweet<3
Wedding dress with custom sweet heart neckline
Teal colored with sweet heart neckline,lace overlay, and layered ruffles
Name her simply- Darlin! or simplier- Sweet<3
Sweet + <3 =Darlin 1Avril 2Lavigne<3
Call her simplier: Sweet<3
Trying to recall the words Why I_Love_You Darlin