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Bubbline yup i ship it hard  marceline:you look cute when your made
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emily partridge tumblr
emily partridge tumblr
Adventure Time fan art! | via Tumblr
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Adventure Time fan art! | via Tumblr
MxPB by A-Poison on deviantART
Marcy and Peebles by muttonfudge on deviantArt
✿Sad, rad, and bad at everything✿
✿Sad, rad, and bad at everything✿
But she kissed me like she meant it by iwannakissallama on deviantART
Bubbline. lap by Kunaike on deviantART
Bubbline - Timeline Photos | Facebook
Sugar we're going down by SelinaSage on deviantART
Bubbleline again. I get so fixated.
photo credit to AndiAndi chan. photo of my best friend as princess bubblegum and myself as marceline.
my best friend (right) and myself (left) cosplaying princess bubblegum and marceline from adventure time. credit for the photo goes to AndiAndi chan.