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I loved praying with you. / Me encantaba orar contigo. 🙏❤️ - Miami - 10.28.2014
taylor lautner
Yea, at first you act like you cared about me, but then you just stopped, and I was like "Okay he just want to be friends". But now I'm pretty sure you just think I'm a pain in the ass... But it's probably because you have got to learned the "real" me😔
Life sucks :)
*paint and I can't stop thinking about you...
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@ReyBlack 🌙
for real
up side down.
Este hoodie de @vrnsmx ha sido el favorito de mi step dad en su pelea contra el cáncer. Y mientras esperamos su partida con el Señor, me da gusto que él se adueñó de algo mío y lo usaba siempre. Le ha dado mucho calor y siento que era su manera de tenerme
i hate drugs