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Largest Internet Companies by Revenue  https://www.statsmonkey.com/packedcircle/12698-largest-internet-companies-by-revenue.php  Visualize the statistics of largest internet companies by revenue.
 Population of India by States Based on per 100  https://www.statsmonkey.com/per100/26509-population-of-india-by-states-based-on-per-100.php  Uttar Pradesh is most populous in India with nearly 16.5% of total Population. Its followed by Maharashtra (9.28%
 Population of Indonesia by Province  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/22519-population-of-indonesia-by-province.php  Population of Indonesia in 2010 is estimated to be 237641326. Top 4 provinces together have more than 50% of population.
Statistics are true
Is US Spend So Much Money on Military, Compared to Other Countries?  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/20-statistics-on-military-spending-by-country.php  Statistics of the military expenditure made by a country to rise its armed forces. United States r
List of Countries by Rice Production  https://www.statsmonkey.com/table/22518-list-of-countries-by-rice-production.php  China holds first position in rice production with 205936 kt followed by India with 157800 kt and Indonesia with 69056.1 kt.
 US States by Minimum Wage     https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/22513-us-states-by-minimum-wage.php    Find the list of US states by minimum wage in dollars per hour.
List of Countries by Garlic Production  https://www.statsmonkey.com/table/22517-list-of-countries-by-garlic-production.php  China is in first position in garlic production with 20082 kt followed by India with 1150 kt and South Korea with 339.113kt.
US States by Electoral Votes  https://www.statsmonkey.com/packedcircle/22512-us-states-by-electoral-votes.php  Electoral votes for each state gets assigned based on its population. Statistics displays the details of Electoral Votes in US States
List of Countries by Cereal Production  https://www.statsmonkey.com/table/22516-list-of-countries-by-cereal-production.php  China holds first position in cereal production with 520812 kt, USA holds second position with 386788 kt and European Union holds t
List of Countries by Bean Production  https://www.statsmonkey.com/table/22515-list-of-countries-by-bean-production.php  India holds first position in Bean production with 3630 kt, Brazil holds second position with 2794.85 kt and China holds third position
List of Countries by Grapes Production  https://www.statsmonkey.com/table/22514-list-of-countries-by-grapes-production.php  European Union holds first position in grapes production with 21543.4 kt followed by China with 9699.27kt and USA with 6661.82 kt.
List of Countries by Future GDP  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/22511-list-of-countries-by-future-gdp.php  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's economy.
 List of Countries by Inflation  https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/22508-list-of-countries-by-inflation.php  Inflation is an increase in a currency supply relative to the number of people using it. Get the statistics of world countries by inflation.
List of US States by GDP Per Capita  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/22509-list-of-us-states-by-gdp-per-capita.php  GDP represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period.
List of Countries by Fruit Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/20595-list-of-countries-by-fruit-consumption-per-capita.php  Fruits are generally high in fiber, water, sugar and vitamin C. The statistics displays the list of countries by fruit co