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 World Oil Exports by Country Statistics  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/1362-world-oil-exports-by-country-statistics.php  Oil exports can be done only when the country has excess crude of oil wealth.
 World Fleet Statistics  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/18290-world-fleet-statistics-total-number-of-ships-by-type-size.php  Above statistics displays the total number of ships by types and sizes.
List of US States by Education Ranking https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/18298-us-states-by-education-ranking-high-school-based-ranking-statistics.php New Jersey holds the first position with 91.8 % and Texas is in last position with 79.9 % in high sc
  List of Countries by External Debt Statistics  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/18284-list-of-countries-by-external-debt-statistics.php  Above statistics displays the list of world countries by external debt. United States holds the first place with
    List of Countries by Dates Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/20939-list-of-countries-by-date-consumption-per-capita.php  Above statistics reports the list of countries by date consumption per capita.
 List of Countries by Egg Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/20602-list-of-countries-by-egg-consumption-per-capita.php  Eggs store significant amounts of protein and choline. 50 grams of chicken egg contains approximately 5 grams of fat.
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 List of Countries by Apple Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/20935-list-of-countries-by-apple-consumption-per-capita.php  Apple contains 126 calories with fiber and vitamin C content. An apple approximately weighs 242 grams.
https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/20937-list-of-countries-by-banana-consumption-per-capita.php  Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and contains moderate vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber.
   List of Countries by Orange Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/bar/20938-list-of-countries-by-orange-consumption-per-capita.php  Above statistics displays the list of countries by orange and mandarin consumption per capita.
 List of Countries by Vegetable Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/20594-list-of-countries-by-vegetable-consumption-per-capita.php  Above statistics shows the list of countries by vegetable consumption per capita.
List of Countries by Disposable Income  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/20936-list-of-countries-by-disposable-income.php Above statistics shows the list of world countries by disposable income.
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 Gender Population Statistics of Sweden  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/20603-gender-population-statistics-of-sweden-by-county.php  Stockholms county holds the highest male and female population.
 List of Countries by Onion Consumption Per Capita  https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/20599-list-of-countries-by-onion-consumption-per-capita.php  Get the complete statistics of the world countries by onion consumption per capita.
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https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/20598-list-of-countries-by-fish-consumption-per-capita.php  Fish is an important resource for humans worldwide. As a food, it is rich in protein and contains many vitamins and minerals.
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  List of Countries by Wine Consumption  https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/20596-list-of-countries-by-wine-consumption-per-capita.php  Get the complete stats of World Countries by Wine Consumption in the year 2011.