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World Countries By Terrorism  https://www.statsmonkey.com/collision/28172-world-countries-by-terrorism.php  Above statistics is based on GTI Score and each of the factors is weighted differently. Iraq is in first position which is followed by Afghanistan
 How Long Will Women Live?  https://www.statsmonkey.com/hbar/28167-list-of-countries-by-female-life-expectancy.php  Life expectancy is a measure of how long a person may live, based on the year of their birth
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 World Countries by Muslim Population  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/28165-list-of-countries-by-muslim-population.php  Percentage of Muslims was 19.9% in the year of 1990 and 21.6% in 2000. And it is expected to increase by about 35% in the next 20
Women Constitute Only 6% of Police Force in India  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/28169-total-number-of-women-police-officers-in-india.php  Report says women in India’s police forces face bias from male. Get Complete Statistics of total number of Wo
World Countries by Number of Daily Newspapers  https://www.statsmonkey.com/table/28162-world-countries-by-number-of-daily-newspapers.php  India and United states has more than 1000 different daily news papers in their country.
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   Religion Population If Only 100 Lived in the World https://www.statsmonkey.com/per100/28160-world-population-by-religion-religious-statistics-based-on-per-100.php This is how the religion population looks, if only 100 people lived in the world
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 List of Countries by Corruption https://www.statsmonkey.com/bar/28159-list-of-countries-by-corruption.php Corruption Perceptions Index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide.
Length of Expressways in World Countries  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/1344-length-of-expressways-world-countries.php  Get the complete statistics of the world length expressway.
If Only 100 People Lived in World  https://www.statsmonkey.com/per100/26508-world-population-count-statistics-by-country-2014-based-on-per-100.php  This is how it would look, if the world were represented by 100 people. More than 35% of world's population
 If United States Were A Country of 100 People https://www.statsmonkey.com/per100/26510-population-united-states-based-on-per-100.php This is how it would look, if United States were a country of 100 people. California has 12 people out of 100 which is fo
Population of Tanzania by Region  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/26511-population-of-tanzania-by-region.php  Tanzania is a union of 30 different regions with various population densities across the regions. Top 9 regions together have more than 50%
Largest Internet Companies by Revenue  https://www.statsmonkey.com/packedcircle/12698-largest-internet-companies-by-revenue.php  Visualize the statistics of largest internet companies by revenue.
 Population of India by States Based on per 100  https://www.statsmonkey.com/per100/26509-population-of-india-by-states-based-on-per-100.php  Uttar Pradesh is most populous in India with nearly 16.5% of total Population. Its followed by Maharashtra (9.28%
 Population of Indonesia by Province  https://www.statsmonkey.com/sunburst/22519-population-of-indonesia-by-province.php  Population of Indonesia in 2010 is estimated to be 237641326. Top 4 provinces together have more than 50% of population.