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Help me...please? I must be perfect a bough to love myself...
starving <3
Ana body
Being skinny is the greatest acomplish in life
Hurting ur self isnt the best way in life to live or die😪💓💓
Text my kik CaarlaBear if you need one like I do
I'm goin' down
They don't want everything, they just the necessary things… It might be simple in your eyes, but in theirs it is not.
Hunger is effecting my mood.. Too bad i have nothing to fucking eat.
Wanna be perfect? Don't cry, do it!
Kill them, or they'll kill you.
You're beautiful the way you are...trust me.
Tasty food is good, but thin body is better.
Everyone will loves you more, when you're skinny.
When you're starving, your organism is cleaning itself. Starvation is more healthy than eating everything.
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