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Sunny California <3
You make my speakers go boom boom | via Tumblr
Let me love you through this life | via Tumblr
We were too damn young to know any better | via Tumblr
You oughta be walking away from me | via Tumblr
Sometimes sorry just ain't good enough | via Tumblr
If you ain't a 10 you're a 9,9 | via Tumblr
Let's lay down tonight, and kiss tomorrow goodbye | via Tumblr
Baby, do I still give you what you need? | via Tumblr
I've been thinking 'bout you all day | via Tumblr
I don't do lonely well | via Tumblr
In my heart I'm always somewhere with you | via Tumblr
We could fall asleep in the glow | via Tumblr
I know what it's like to be the only one like me | via Tumblr
Be Happy | via Tumblr
Southern boys are beyond fine! || follow @roxannerenes on twitter
Southern girl rock my 🌍
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