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. | via Tumblr
Arizona evening hike.
Southern Home
The "left-me-wanting-more" feeling when he kissed me... | via Tumblr
Nobody ever thought I'd make it in this town | via Tumblr
Let your mind keep running wild 'till I get there | via Tumblr
Where I grew up, we rode in trucks | via Tumblr
I shoulda just called him "Whiskey" | via Tumblr
I got a gypsy soul to blame and I was born for leavin'... | via Tumblr
Baby whatcha say we go pickin' wildflowers | via Tumblr
I use what I got, take what I get until I ain't got nothing left, then I give it some more | via Tumblr
We're just like you, only prettier | via Tumblr
When you're single, you'd trade it all to fall in love again | via Tumblr
Let's shake the sand off the sheets, take them shoes off your feet | via Tumblr
I life this life everyday, I make my share of mistakes | via Tumblr
It'll only make me stronger, break my heart... | via Tumblr
I just want to love your memory tonight | via Tumblr
Just imagine me loving on you all night | via Tumblr
... but I still miss you | via Tumblr