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no love lost
Angel Spit | via Tumblr
MADE TO ORDER needle felted anteater wool toy felt by byMagic
Pretty Pictures
Space Bugs by Yoyo The Ricecorpse | -::[robot:mafia]::- .ılılı. die kunst ist tot ★ es leben die maschinen .ılılı.
x | via Tumblr
で見つかった他の画 — ☹☹☹ | via Tumblr
Plush Crochet Turtle Softy Animal Toy in Mint Green by luvbuzz
NIELS | via Tumblr
MANUELA | via Tumblr
Santa Claus Decorative 14 Doll House of Lloyd by Holiday365
/F/U/R/B/Y/G/O/T/H/ | via Tumblr
Soft Sculpture Chicken in Floral Print Dress and by Holiday365
Jesse Fox is a very cool guy. He is also very funny. He is a traveling jester bringing laughs and smiles with him wherever he goes! Jesse is made with all cotton, wool felt bunting and embroidery fur detail.  Suitable for gentle play, not for children und
Blue Unicorn w/ Felt Mountain Applique by mushroomspring on Etsy
Green Unicorn with Felt Applique by mushroomspring on Etsy