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Ig // voguedawn
Pro-choice, in its zeal to keep the abortion mills... | via Tumblr
Let’s make the next 4000 years something to be... | via Tumblr
This is yet another example of the tragedy of human abortion. Abortion is an affront to all human rights and to the dignity of human life... | via Tumblr
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No one that has completed a high school education... | via Tumblr
Gender Equality
The practice of abortion makes a mockery of America's declaration of LIFE liberty and the pursuit of happiness. | via Tumblr
Equality isn't always what you think
Criming While White
Untitled | via Tumblr
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Never place yourself above your own son’s or... | via Tumblr
The respect for the dignity and value of human... | via Tumblr
In Defense of the Defenseless | via Tumblr
Planned Parenthood is no hero... | via Tumblr
In Defense of the Defenseless | via Tumblr
It's wrong to say, “I’m pro-life… except in cases of rape.” “I’m... | via Tumblr
I am receiving asks congratulating this brave... | via Tumblr