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Tattoo Factory - Tattoo Factory added a new photo. | via Facebook
This turned out worse than I had anticipated
Art love.
My hand
Dressup Or Dressdown | via Tumblr
So apparently alot of people liked my wrist at school. The teachers? Not so much 😂
Someone told me my hand looked like a Chinese playboy mansion and he was like 6 wtf
Open up your he♡rt
Pizza + Me
I'm gonna be a ☆
All we need is love
So many people at school asked what was wrong with my arm. It's called art and self expression 😒
It Takes Two inspired 😍✌
This took 20 minutes to focus right because the sun kept disappearing like what the heck sun
I can't remember if I posted this or not but whatever
I took this in school omg
How to be cool: Lesson 1
I saw this on here the other day so I felt the need to draw it. 🍕🙌💕