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140801 Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook Episode 236 - Trouble Maker, Beast, Girl's Day, Infinite, K.Will and more (English Subs) ~ inthekpop
just a little something🍄
id: profile updated! by eresince on deviantART
• Hours: 2,30 
• Tool used: charcoal pencil, pastel pencil, kneaded eraser, hard rubber eraser, pencil (3H,H,2B)
Practicing detail
One of my more famous pieces entitled Queen..
Feather drawing
I'm trying to do an old sketchbook
I piccoli ♥ parigini
My Personal Sketchbook 😍
Paris mon amour
Juvia lineart by: twitter @FairyTailArt
Rarity and Applejack
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