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D I A M ♡ N D
DRAWING PENCIL | via Facebook
Winnie the pooh. Pencil drawing.
sketch tattoo cat
Winnie the Pooh. Pencil drawing
Art by me! Heart it as it would mean the world to me!
Copy. Winnie the Pooh. Pencil drawing.
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'Fly Away' ⠀
You have the will and freedom to fly where ever you want to go. ⠀
Maybe you want to fly away from your past, towards your dreams, or soar with those you love... ⠀
It's all up to you ❤️☺️
And along the way, you will face many obstacles... ⠀
Στο σημερινό ‘Α, μπα’: πρόδωσα τον εαυτό μου | ΑΓΑΠΗΤΗ Α, μπα
Drawing of an eye !
I heart Disney on My Fairy Godmother