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Melanie Martinez
Untitled | via Tumblr
Woww 😍😍
Untitled | via Tumblr
love 😟💓💓💗
"Adorkable" New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel looks stunning with her long, dark coffee brown locks cascading over her shoulder. This shade of brown is rich and soft, and it suits Zooey's pale complexion beautifully. Add a few chocolate brown overtones aro
Rihanna | via Facebook
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt looks phenomenal with her luscious chestnut brown locks and a few flirty flecks of sandy brown. We love her big, voluminous hairdo and the healthy shine that brings her chestnut locks to life. Take inspiration from Jennifer an
So true!! Always with u , @VaceZela
When your idor wear a t-shirt from your fav designer ♡♥♡♥
Our queen @dafina.zeqiri and her new song #BeAManOnce 🙏