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Jaimie Alexander -- Vanity Fair
Lady Sif being wonderful
Cute Lady Sif :D
Lady Sif -- Goddess of War
Lady Sif -- Goddess of War
tom speaks asgardian😘
Fearless, ferocious and female. — claudia-cher: Lady Sif | via Tumblr
Fearless, ferocious and female. — toherrys: Lady Sif Again. Because I adore... | via Tumblr
Collage of the 8 edits. Found here: http://rebloggy.com/post/my-edits-thor-loki-odin-sif-jane-foster-heimdall-fandral-malekith-thor-the-dark/67204494480
Lady Sif - Tumblr
OMG Thor look so fabulous ✨🙈😆
do you feel?
skin and bones
decided to break
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