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I still dream of you
My life is yours
Just tell me, what I want to hear
Life without you, it isn't life at all.
You are so amazingly... wonderfully... beautifully... awesomely... maybe... no most definitely the most precious of all precious things.
We need Love
I'm so happy
You are worth waking up for
Love can never be taugh for it has to be learned
Some night when you're outside, look up at all the stars in the sky, each one represents is a reason I'm in love with you
I'll love you until the day after forever.
The day I fell in love with you is the day I knew what was truly true. The day I found you is when I found myself, for you have help me become the best. You are mine and I am yours and forever shall it be.
All I need is my one star in the sky to wish for you everday
Are you a dictionary because you add meaning in my life.
I've waited my entire life to find you just have something worth living for.
My ipaid
I have no words to describe my love for you
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