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Dream Catcher😴
i love you yoh ♥
Anna Kyoyama) listen up as of today you be a Itako in training by me got?
Anna Kyoyama) I would never marry a another men the only for me is Yoh
Anna kyoyama) hmmmm I wonder what if I kill Hao to ease Yoh pain
Well what are you wait for
A awesome drawing of Asakura twins
A awesome drawing of Yoh Asakura
A awsome drawing of Hao Asakura
Hao Asakura) come on Yoh sit on your big brother lap. Yoh Askaura) blushing
Relax with my brother
A line drawing of Yoh Asakura
A funny sleeeping beauty. Princess Hao) Yoh what are you waiting for? Prince Yoh) but you're a wake
A kiss make a little pain going bit
The new leader of the patch officials
May I have a kiss from my Yoh
Hao dirty little secret
I only have eyes for you
Princess Hao