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New arrivals perfect for either Halloween or dance costumes at
My agenda, a sew it 💕📒✂️
My agenda, I sew it 💕📒✂️
Making Working Time — Izziyana Suhaimi
Mantuas Dressmaker Shears On 40% Discount Until August 31, 2015 | Mantuas
Handlettered Coffee Mug for Sewers. Handmade Ceramic by DEEZdutch
Me at Mount Ranier in the coat i made.
Elastic Hanks White 1 inch x 30 inches Box of 12 by knitwhats
Brown Round Buttons 1/4 inch and 1 inch Sizes by knitwhats on Etsy
Star Buttons Clear with Red and Blue Stars Novelty by knitwhats
Turtle Buttons Green Novelty Buttons Sets of 6 by knitwhats
Button Yellow Duck Shank Back Novelty Button by knitwhats on Etsy
My Lovely Little Stuff
Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas
Pinterest-Bunny Pin Cushion
Pinterest:-Tomato Pin Cushions-Martha Stewart
Turn A Drop Cloth Into A Parson Chair Slipcovers http://cowiescraftandcookingcorner.blogspot.ca/2010/11/drop-cloth-parson-chair-slipcovers.html
Jadah Doll : Boho Exotic Studio Hair
Photos and videos by Cliff Celeb Stylist (@cliffvmir) | Twitter