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Smoke baby
Yea i would
quatre-vingts - feru-leru: vii. (ICK vol. 3) by delilahjoneslove... | via Tumblr
quatre-vingts - feru-leru: altar by dead_lawns on Flickr. | via Tumblr
quatre-vingts - bengifaldi: Sharp talons deep marks of murder ... | via Tumblr
quatre-vingts - bengifaldi: He gave the air up from his lungs, ... | via Tumblr
Chère distance, crève, merci.
Afraid of letting go .
You win !
It hurts!
Alone as always
"I just.... wanna be yours"
Random Snap
¡Aquí el original (y famoso) monstruo separador para libros! ;).
Never too far away
Hard relationship sometimes :(
T-T       T-T
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