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no me gusta el yaoi....... pero ña
This so cute! Takano-san in shota version!
Hahaha I don't think you are helping Tori with his work, Twinkle
I know today is not Ricchan's b-day but I just love this pic so much! I hope tou can enjoy it as much as I do
Please don't remove source ||🎀 insta:onodera12 ||🎀sekaiichihatsukoi
Knite-senpai <3
You're cute when you're blushing! Ricchan!
Well...you kinda look like kira
takano san tumblr - Pesquisa do Google
takano san tumblr - Pesquisa do Google
we haven't lost yet
You can never fool Takano-san, Ricchan! ^-^
*w* | via Facebook
Peek a Yaoi | via Tumblr
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Takano x Onodera
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Manga
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