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Recycled Salvage chain art sculpture  | via Facebook
Garbage transformed into amazing animal sculptures | ScienceDump
Tardis Doctor Who carved crayon by CarvedCrayons on Etsy
Armadilha, presença e lonjura: work in progress sobre e para Rui Chafes | Luís Quintais
Profilbilder - Julia Sophia Sanner | via Facebook
Underground passage memorial in Wroclaw, Poland - Feedinco.com >>More photos on http://Feedinco.com
looks  | via Tumblr
what am I? | via Tumblr
Mossy Green / mossy Angel
my journey to the stars | via Tumblr
my journey to the stars | via Tumblr
Our virtual selves are no less real. — Synaptic Stimuli
Briar Rose
sunmoon | Tumblr
Maximo Riera Toad Sofa
The Deutschland Diaries: February 2012