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scooterbraun: Doing what matters. Good man @justinbieber . #makeawish
New updates from social networking friends Justin and several photos of his «Instagram», where he was with the team shoot a new video for the single «Where Are Ü Now».
Las Vegas ..
(30) Tumblr
Ed,Scotter e Tori | via Facebook
Scooter Braun: We did it again.
Tori ♡
09/5 | via Facebook
scooterbraun: We did it again. @chesterdefjam @justinbieber #wangotango
Untitled | via Tumblr
jasonderulo: This picture is hilarious! Right before a painful “meat check” from @justinbieber . With friends like these who needs enemies lol! Big shout out to world famous @dankanter & @scooterbraun #wangotango #kiisfm #EverythingIs4 pre order it now
bieber and braun.