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Photo camera steampunk vector art
Items I Love by niviuq on Etsy
Yosafire - ??? Froze - Healing (治愈) Macarona - Extraordinary Power (怪力) Rawberry - Berserk Eating (暴食) Dialo - Cooking (厨艺) Chelan - Silence (无口) Wodahs - Responsibility (责任) Grora - Shooting (射击) Etihw - God (神明) / Creation (创世) Kcalb - Demon (魔王) / Dest
Isaac Asimov | via Facebook
Cool scientist! *w* ❤ #RobertDowneyJr #Science #CutiePie
Dammit eri
Ants count their steps
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and god said................and there was light
Awesome science nails
The arts of science