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To the one who is broken hearted...I don't judge. I just pray and love on you. Because I know, Darling One...I know your pain that is so deep and so surreal. You can't breathe- it hurts so bad. But I have found the one who was my GREAT COMFORTER and He is
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Sometimes the battles are fierce. The testing of our faith may be for a long and enduring season. You may have had many tearful nights and long weary days. God takes us on journeys were not so sure we want to go on. But God is faithful....He is so faithfu
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One of the biggest mistakes a man can make with his wife...He stops discovering her. He stops experiencing her many layers, and being excited about who she is. A woman's heart is like the ocean. Dive deep down and find her treasures, and when you do, find
For those who are silently struggling in your marriages and relationships...I'm praying for you, tonight. May He comfort and heal your hearts and lives. Love and prayers, Ruby Wives
"Heartache didn't kill me...It could have...But I fought back. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger- If you let it. It didn't change me...I just got wiser. If the wisdom I gleaned by my mistakes helps and prevents another human from being in pain...I
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You are always a bride in Christ's eyes
Trample on your fears.
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Ruby Wives / Join our growing community of women coming together for prayer & encouragement. For the healing of hearts, marriages and strengthening daily married life.
Ruby Wives / Women coming together in prayer and support for the healing of hearts and marriages. Join us on Facebook: Ruby Wives