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I'm chronically ill. NOT chronically lazy.
Do your best to eliminate stress
What can we learn from a diamond?
I'm fine.
Waking up happy, healthy, well rested and ready for the day?  What is that?
If you're still screaming, bleeding and breathing it means you're still alive. You're still in the fight. Never give up on YOU!
Happy Friday! Wishing everyone a wonderful (low pain) day and a fantastic weekend! Time for this weeks edition of (drum roll please ..........) "Oooohhhhhh The Things I Think" part 11
I was reading through some questions that I answered several months ago and this was my response when someone asked me WHY I'm trying to create awareness through art.
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Things people say to a person with a chronic illness
But that's none of my business ...
Your mind is like a parachute, it can save your life if you open it.
Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive <3
Go to your local animal shelter and rescue your furry angel today <3
When life gives you lemons, grab some tequila and salt!
Dr. House
I'm so amazing in my own brain!
Chronic pain is unbearable!  Please, help raise awareness.
Life is going so fast and I'm really tired of not living it.