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Rest in Peace Missile Man!You inspired, You Made Us, You Made TFR!! Never Ever Gonna Forget April 2,2014.. The Birth of The Flying Robodrones through Wall-E welcoming You!This might be Best photograph I ever got to Capture!We Salute You Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam
eleanor calder is my inspiration!!
"While...My friends where laughing at me for taking so many selfies. I hope you all have friends that keeps you grounded 😂"
Amandla Stenberg | via Tumblr
"This is my passion and I wouldn't want to do anything else.❤💗"
"Stuck in the moment with you. 💕✨"
"You all make me so proud. I miss you and I can't wait to be on the road again to perform for you!💚"
"I love these amazing ladies. @camila_cabello @laurenjauregui 💚💙"
"Gettin' some rest before the show. #SummerReflectionTour 😚💛"
"You're perfect the way you are!💕"
"You make me smile. You're the reason I'm the person that I am. ❤"
"Soo...one of the harmonizers gave me this cool socks...and there are amazing! Thank you luv for keeping my feet warm. 😂😁💚"
"Are we out of the woods yet?💚"
"I could be your ride or die chick and I would never ever stop lovin' you.💙"
" The Meet&Greet poses just get better and better y'all.😚💋💥"
"Hold on, you'll find a way!💙"
"Laying here on the stairs thinking about all you wonderful people out there!!!💜💋 (ps. yes I cried...but it was just because I love you all so much! )💙"
Pure Beauty