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Rainy day
Monkey See Monkey Do
Excellent Travelling Experience|The Reasons To Use Roadside Help
Adam horovitz roadside prophets
скучаю по этому месту)
People don't take trips; trips take people. 🚗☝🏻️
Little America Diner
Posted over the weekend.....but the gigantic kitchen utensil was only part of the story. What this Instagram photo doesn't show you is the history of the place that we got from our awesome server. smile   emoticon We tipped her something like 50% for the
Welcome to Phoenix
Photo at a fair in lucknow
A Nos Amours 1983
Takanabe, Miyazaki // 高鍋、宮崎
Airstream Ranch: Roadside Tourist Attractions in Florida | Charismatic Planet
Take me away
Selling roadside flowers 1973