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Amethyst Crystals <3
Across the Universe — thelookingglassgallery: “Fallen Leaves #8″ by... | via Tumblr
Across the Universe — dappledwithshadow: Vincent, Martin Sharp, 1968. | via Tumblr
Across the Universe — artofpetermax: Apollo 11, 1969 - Peter Max | via Tumblr
when there's a bordom in da school
Palm Trees 3 Throw Pillow by Mareike Böhmer Photography | Society6
Palm Trees 3 Art Print by Mareike Böhmer Photography | Society6
(63) Tumblr
@siteicons on instagram
Top of the World by Kenya Gruv | SoundTracking.com | posted by J13JACKSON
Pop-Art Girl
Pop-Art Girl
Weather changes moods | via Tumblr
Vintage Mickey
Home is where the art is.