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Bohemian Beauty Mandalas Set of Six Craft by ScreechOwlStudio
Daisy Necklace, Resin Jewelry, Pressed Flower Jewelry, Real Daisy Necklace, Nature Lover Gift from Fauna and Forest on Storenvy
Forest Fern Necklace, Resin Jewelry, Plant Necklace, Botanical from Fauna and Forest on Storenvy
15 Mandalas Coasters Craft Supplies Bottle Cap by ScreechOwlStudio
Real Flower Resin Jewelry Pressed Flower Jewelry by LOVEnLAVISH
Big silver heart ring big sparkly heart by sparklecityjewelry
Funky cupcake and heart candy sprinkle by sparklecityjewelry
Butterfly Aquamarine Earrings Blue Resin by LaTaniaJewelry
Starfish Bracelet Starfish Jewelry by ModernFlowerChild
Flower Resin Icicle Necklace Prism Pendant by LaTaniaJewelry
Feather Jewelry Pink Feather Bangle by ModernFlowerChild
Purple Flower Jewelry by ModernFlowerChild
Real Flower Jewelry by ModernFlowerChild
Red Heart Steampunk Earrings Resin Jewellery by LaTaniaJewelry
Real Flower Bangle- Jewelry made with real flowers by ModernFlowerChild
Moss and Flower Resin Earrings Olive Green by LaTaniaJewelry
White flower green leaf pendant
Buttercup Necklace Pressed Flower Jewelry Heart by LOVEnLAVISH
Orange Bracelet Green Bangle Orange Flower jewelry ModernFlowerChild
Pink sands sea shell bangle