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This is happening ALL AROUND THE WORLD TO GIRLS OF ALL AGES. Lets end this.
Donna and I just want a family :)
Powerful wind...
Disney | via Tumblr
@diysforgirlss on insta ◡̈
Beauty you see,beauty you feel,beauty you know.beauty that works!Sally hansen
I'm in love with you
"BC SPCA", on Facebook(7.7.2014)
Oh YES I would!!
My dogs
My angel sage
Kat Von D, on Facebook (7.6.2014)
"Imagine Home", on Facebook(7.6.2014)
"Imagine Home", on Facebook(7.6.2014)
"Rescue Me Ohio's" photo, on Facebook(7.6.2014)
Rescue me
Pablo Picasso, Le Sauvetage, 1932. Oil on canvas. | via Tumblr
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