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Acts 20:24 :
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I've lost control again | via Tumblr
At times we've all given up when faced with an obstacle. We assume the door before us is closed and bars our way. But...what if someone is on the other side, waiting to open it for us? Our "Knock and the Door Will Be Opened For You" shirt is new this week
Sometimes all we have to do to open the doors that stand in our way is...knock. Our "Knock and the Door Will Be Opened For You" shirt is now available in men's and women's versions. See this shirt and the rest of the collection at seekerbrand.com.
This week's new design is "Knock and the Door Will Be Opened For You," Number 6 of 11 in our inaugural "In the Beginning" collection. It's available in women's and men's shirts. Sign up for our newsletter at seekerbrand.com to see each week's new design!
We're thrilled to finally announce our first collection, "In The Beginning", featuring inspirational messages taken from the books of The Torah and The Bible, and showcasing the beautiful work of talented artists from around the world. We wondered, what h
يالله ما ارحمك 💓