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My new little doll Carole. By Cococinnelle
My new little doll. Carole by Cococinnelle.
Carole my new little girl. Custom by Cococinnelle.
Carole, my new custom doll by Cococinnelle.
Oh won't u stay w me:p
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'Are we cute af?' Yes. Yes you are.
i wish i knew who this chick was .-.
Feel the wind~~
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Growl Era ❤️
My OC Eros, the love angel
Disney Divas Winter Collection by HaydenWilliams
Christmas holiday makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=buucghRC2Ek
The Color Red. Taken by Fazleen Dean
I'm a ninja dragon warrior! Taken by Fazleen Dean