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My friends always hangout without me... Like I'll text one they won't answer and the go hang out together or they say we can hangout then stop texting when we start making plans and hang out together. It's all different people too. Just tell me if you don
fun book
I read that Dongwoon cried or got emotional while singing How to Love.. aww. Knowing hes really singing from the heart makes me feel happy and knowing Doojoon hugged him to comfort him. Makes me happier haha. ∩__∩ ≧﹏≦hes a bee :D
Finished Chouryou
I had to rant this. BTR is an amazing band and they deserve more appreciation from nickelodeon -.-
True that!!
From Me. To Those. x
ALWAYS believe that something wonderful is about to happen | via Facebook
No one ever cares 😔💔
Sisters watching the sunset
Hakuryu rants
FOAMY!!!! | via Facebook
TMI = the mortal instruments THG = the hunger games